Pure Water 16 - K. Curry Mp3 Download

Pure Water 16 - K. Curry mp3 download

Pure Water 16 - K. Curry Lyric

Bruce Lee told me to be like water
Maury told me I am not the father
I take every beat there is and I slaughter
I'm a wizard in this game just like Harry Potter
Bout to whip out the broom and pull up with the drip
With a hoodie, sweats and j's for the fit
Grinding while these other rappers taking bong rips
Ima smoke the competition you gon think it's lit
Born and raised in Washington I know about the rain
Feeling like a dark knight bout to take out Bane
I'm a nerdy dude that's never been in a gang
Just out here so I can takeover the game
My fridge got a water dispenser I stay hydrated
Tryna help my peoples they've been dilated
Can't live my life always being violated
People need to stop getting famous by hating

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